Gentle Man To The Last

June 92
i.m.m. Michael Dillon

Come back and sit down –
There’s no need to leave yet.
Tell me more of your stories:
Joking survivals on humourless ground
Old men remembering the last century
And last week with no difference.
Stay beside me in your frame of pens,
Boots, a stick, typewriter, dog,
A hat and the kindest eye.

I will renew you as that certain way
You always were when sand had covered
My childhood paths.
I brought with me a silk-worm army
To spin eight miles of thread for your cocoon
And I made a cave of net to house it
So that you can weave to immortality
And watch where infinities breed Kaleidoscopes
Inverting on sequined Catherine wheels
And landscapes quiver through the colours of no time.

Honor O Brolchain